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Executive Coaching

Executive/professional coaching will improve interpersonal skills through understanding and managing self, appreciating others and how one interacts effectively and purposely with others individually and in groups. I’ll ask the right questions to unlock what you already know or what you have the ability to find out. We’ll discover together how you can achieve greater success in your chosen profession.

Corporate Culture

Utilizing the concepts found in Emotional Intelligence, neuroscience, change management and strategic planning, we will take the necessary time needed to define a corporate culture that answers the question, “Are we who we say we are?” From there we will work to define the measurements and strategy to implement the needed changes, making the goals and vision a reality.


With Emotional Intelligence and neuroscience as a backdrop, we’ll develop trainings and workshops that will bring your team together on a common path with common language and processes. Workshops and trainings can be designed with your specific needs in mind.

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My Why

I believe that “to whom much is given, much is expected.” I want to give back what I have learned to those who value learning in their own lives, both personally and professionally. I want to help those searching to be a better team player to unlocking leadership potential to connecting with others and learning the tools to collaborate effectively.

My Background

Considerable research in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) via Daniel Goleman &  Dr. Marc Brackett.

• Certification 2023: Foundational Skills of Emotional Intelligence - Daniel Goleman

• Certification in Neuroscience Coaching & Leadership - OptiMind Neuroscience Coaching & Training Institute

• Certified 360 Coach through YMCA of the USA

• National Trainer for YMCA of the USA in Leading & Coaching Others

• 35+ years of nonprofit work, including starting four grassroots nonprofits in Houston, Seattle and Austin.

• C-Suite experience

• Fundraising experience

• National Trainer for YMCA of the USA in Board Leadership (based on the principles of BoardSource)


How We Work

After a conversation about your objectives we can determine if we are a good fit and then enter into a 3 or 6-month agreement at 2 sessions per month (negotiable). We re-evaluate at the end of each agreement for renewal.

Board Development

With over 35 years of working for the YMCA and building boards throughout my career, I have the practical experience to guide nonprofits in building great volunteer boards. I am  nationally trained by the YMCA, which is based on BoardSource’s Board Building Cycle. I’ve trained hundreds of staff and volunteers on board service that can be applied to any nonprofit.


Being a C-Suite level fundraising professional for the YMCA of Austin, I was responsible for the YMCA raising over $1 million in their annual campaign. I understand how best to train and empower volunteers and staff in their role as fundraisers to position the organization to fulfill its mission.

Strategic Planning

As a C-Suite professional, I was responsible for leading the YMCA of Austin in its strategic plan. I utilize David La Piana’s Nonprofit Strategy Revolution to guide my work in setting a pathway for the future of organizations. This involves staff, volunteers, stakeholders and community leaders in developing the strategy needed to take an organization to its next iteration of service.

Start Up

I was fortunate in my career to start up four YMCA’s in different parts of the country. Each one is the most successful Y within its city. These were grassroots startups that required program and service development, volunteer, community and fundraising development to assure a successful future. I will use my learnings along with the unique situation of each new organization to set a pathway for the future.





Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Understanding how our neurology drives our emotions, and how our emotions impact our ability to lead and follow others, is paramount to developing a leadership style that truly motivates others to excel.

In this information-packed and interactive seminar, Consultant Jim Pacey guides participants in developing the skills and knowledge they need to increase their use of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in workplace leadership.

Integrating perspectives from biomedicine, positive psychology, clinical science, business, and leadership studies, this seminar focuses on four key subcomponents of EQ and their application to successful leadership.

A variety of leadership behaviors can be enhanced by applying advanced socioemotional regulatory and relational skills, like workplace decision-making, creative innovation, and team communication.

Intelligent Change

Understanding the power of high Emotional Intelligence is paramount to leading teams through change. Jim Pacey reviews the basics of Emotional Intelligence and its relevance to understanding habits and routines in the workplace. Utilizing the neurology of change, participants will discover the mechanics of changing habits and its effect on others, along with an introduction to the principles of leading change.

Connections (That) Matter

Utilizing Daniel Goleman and Marc Brackett’s work in Emotional Intelligence, Self-Awareness becomes the focal point in these changing workplace times. Jim Pacey leads participants through the importance of Emotional Intelligence, neuroscience basics of relationships and a deep-dive into the importance of developing true connections that will purposefully grow a person professionally and personally.

Additional workshops are always in the works. I customize and adapt existing training or create entirely new workshops for your organization, based on your goals and needs, and my professional assessment of your organization's strengths and weaknesses.

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"Real and relevant. Jim’s coaching style combines real life experiences with relevant research and acute attention to detail. Collaborating with Jim enables me to identify and understand my EI strengths and weaknesses. I am now living a happier, more balanced, less reactive life both at work and in my personal life."

Billie S.

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Located in central Austin Texas, I consult with clients internationally.

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