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Growing up in the Midwest, where kindness is an expected value, my parents instilled in me the importance of respecting all people. In college, being selected as a Resident Assistant in my dorm gave me the opportunity to really investigate who I was. I wanted to help people learn, grow and thrive and had a sense that I could model the type of behavior needed to do so. Digging into how I ticked was something that took effort and a LOT of reflection. 


Fast forward to my professional career in the YMCA, I continued my journey of teaching. I became a national trainer and realized how much I enjoyed training and helping people transform. I was chosen to be in the very first cohort of a new training called “Leading and Coaching Others.” That is where I first acquired and developed the skills of Emotional Intelligence and realized they align with how I try to live my life. I had found my passion. 


After 38 years, starting four grassroots YMCA’s in four different parts of the country, I had developed a strong coaching background and extensive nonprofit experience. In 2018, I went out on my own as Pacey Consulting & Coaching, which focuses on Implementing EI knowledge and skills, connecting with and training individuals, groups and organizations on board development, fundraising, budgeting, and strategic planning.


Wanting to know more about how neuroscience combined with EI, I completed a Neuroscience Coaching & Leadership certification through OptiMind Neuroscience Coaching & Training Institute. 

Volunteer positions I'm involved with include 3 Day Startup (Board Chair), Central Texas Allied Health Institute (Board President), Natural Learning Foundation (Treasurer), Mayor’s Health & fitness Council (board member) and The Neighborhood, Inc.

Shonté Jovan Taylor 

Neuroscientist + Success Strategist

OptiMind Institute, Founder

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders seminar

Jim Pacey & Kirsten Bradbury


Podcast: RKD
Podcast: Leaders on the move
Pacey Consulting & Coaching
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