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What is Success?

In November 2021, I wrote an article "Know Thyself." My research into Emotional Intelligence tells me to continually question my actions, reactions, feelings, stated values, all those things that I find important to me to try to better understand if I am who I say I am. It's a question I've asked myself and others as we continue to better understand ourselves, our feelings, our reactions and how we conduct our daily lives.

Over the next several weeks, I will deepen my journey to better understand myself and I invite you to join me. I'm not sure where this will take me, but I know that my research will reveal that in order for me to understand my idea of success, I need to question who I am. Being vulnerable is not one of my strengths, yet I know that it is imperative that I reach beyond that to find what continues to drive me to be the person I want others to see in me.

I enjoy taking walks through my neighborhood for three reasons: 1) I'm re-strengthening a knee that had surgery in June; 2) it gives me an opportunity to have a mindful walk and 3) it gives me a chance to listen to podcasts. Podcasts became a "thing" for me during the pandemic when I would take daily walks. I started with Brene' Brown and she introduced me to many other podcasters. Those podcasts made me think, deeply. One that I listened to recently is Dr. Laurie Santos, The Happiness Lab, "Lessons of the Ancients: Socrates and Self-Knowledge." Dr. Santos created the most popular class ever at Yale University, The Science of Well-Being ( I invite you to listen to this podcast and then come back and post what you found, as it relates to success, self-knowledge or life itself. I'll talk about my learnings and questions in my next article.

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