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My 2023 Top Ten EQ List

This is NOT a list of resolutions! It’s a reminder of things I want to continue working on through 2023. This list will NEVER be fully accomplished. Its why EQ is so important to me. I can ALWAYS work on myself to have a higher EQ. For my neuroscience friends, I will concentrate on one or two things at a time, however, life has a way of bringing different situations to us moment by moment. For perspective, my first two items in my list are the things I will concentrate on.

Here's my list:

1. Stop being RIGHT. We (me included) spend way too much time trying to defend ourselves and prove to others that we are right. When one is right, someone is going to be wrong. I want to remind myself to be open to different points of view from mine. Accept others as they are. Joni Mitchell’s “Coyote” includes the lyrics, “We come from such different sets of circumstances” and it speaks volumes to differing points of view. There is diversity in everyone. I want to embrace that.

2. LISTEN. I find myself thinking about what I’m going to say, rather than keeping my mind silent until I hear what someone else says completely and understand what they are saying before I respond. I need to remind myself to keep my mind and mouth quiet while listening. I want my superpower to be that I’m a great listener. I fall short way too often.

3. Be KIND. Show respect of everyone and everything. As humans, we are to care for each other and this world (universe) that we live in. “To much is given, much is expected.” I (we) have been given an incredible life. The legacy I leave is how I treat people and care for the world around me.

4. Stay ACTIVE. Enjoy the outdoors. Find peace and calm. When I am at my best self, I can strive to bring that out in others. I want to keep myself active physically, mentally and spiritually and continue to look for ways to improve.

5. READ. Challenge myself!

6. Ask QUESTIONS as if I’m a SCIENTIST and I am trying to understand how we all click. The right questions can lead to a deeper understanding of our life and circumstances. I want to get better at this. Listening will help.

7. Understand the meaning of SUCCESS for me. I am intrigued by how people define success and what drives them, or what prevents them from achieving success. In the end we decide what is success and what isn’t. So much today is about money and power. I can’t say that I’ve never been motivated by money or power, but I know that those things have prevented me from living my life to its fullest. I don’t need added stress because I don’t have enough money or power. In truth, I have way more than I need. I'm content with what I have, though the pressure to achieve more - money, acclaim, status - is constant. I believe that by doing the right things - treating people with high EQ - will deliver the results I want.

8. Play my GUITAR. I’m not sure what has topped me, but my creative side needs a jolt now and then and I think playing my guitar will help me find that.

9. Remember that GAMES don’t mean as much as people want you to believe they do. I have a hard time enjoying watching sporting events because I take them way too seriously!

10. James Taylor said it best: “The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.”

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I loved this!!!! If we all follow, what a wonderful world this would be! Love ❤️ Thank you Jim

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